Dues and Donations
Frequently Asked Questions about your 2010– 2011 Dues


How are my dues used?

Your dues enable the chapter to offer interesting and fun programming for members all year long, allow us to support the Alpha Phi Foundation and other charitable organizations, send an annual newsletter to over 1400 local Alpha Phis, offer Gamma Pi (ASU) and the ASU Greek Community support, and sustain our web site (currently being updated). The dues are also used to provide education (attending Convention and/or Alumnae Chapter College) for Executive Board Members. Most importantly, your dues allow us to maintain and grow the chapter as well as provide the most benefits possible to our local Alpha Phi sisters.

How do I benefit from paying my dues?

It all depends on what option you choose! You could receive discounts at paid events, your name recognized in the newsletter, a DPM spring newsletter, and the warm fuzzy feeling that you are still supported your sisterhood.

What are my options?

Starting in 2009, your Executive Board decided to provide more options when paying your dues to provide incentives for all members. Please choose one option that best applies to you!

General Member Dues

2010 Graduates

10th Anniversary (Initiated in 2010)   

25th Anniversary (Initiated in 1985)     

50th or higher Anniversary (Initiated in 1960 or prior)

Silver Members Benefits include 50% off events, special recognition in  newsletter

Bordeaux Members Benefits include 100% off events, special recognition in newsletter








Please use the following link to register.   http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=4cex7gdab&oeidk=a07e393zg8402fce0fb

You can pay online or send a check directly to the VP of Finance. Information included in the registration link.